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The IDPS is a 16 byte value that contains console specific information like Region or Model Type. Exactly what information this stores is not yet completely known. It needs also some more research to analyze all the different IDPS from any Region.


              Port. Gen     Type  Chassis Check  
                      ⇓     ⇓     ⇓  ⇓                      
00000000  00 00 00 01 01 03 00 10 0C 1C EF DD CA 25 52 66  ..........ïÝÊ%Rf
                         ⇑     ⇑
                 Target ID     Vita Model Type
   (Internal: Product Code)   (Internal: Product Sub Code)

5th byte is Portable Generation (self-named) (0 for PSP, 1 for PSV/TV)

6th byte represents your Target ID (region code)

7th byte represents system type (0 - portable/PSV, 1 - home/TV)

8th byte represents your Vita SKU Model

9th and 10th byte: chassis check

Where can I find the IDPS?[edit]

1) With an ePSP Kxploit (<=3.55)

The PlayStation Vita and their PSP Emulator share the same IDPS. You can grab the IDPS directly from the PSP Emulator using Homebrew which calls the Registry (requires a Kxploit) of the PSP Emulator like psp_idpsdump

This Homebrew calls an ID Storage Key which had the IDPS inside like Key 121 at Offset 60

This method doesn't work on 3.55+ because there is no found Kxploit to launch TN-V or ARK.

2) With HENkaku (3.60 only)

Install VitaCID by Major_Tom (aka tomtomdu80) :

  1. REDIRECT [link]

Follow the instructions. A file CID.bin is created on the path : ux0:CID.bin. The IDPS of your PSVita is the 16 first bytes of CID.bin.