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You can use your system to remotely control a PS3/PS4 system.



Operating the PS3™ system's PS button:

This replicates the action of pushing the PS button on the PS3™ system's wireless controller.

1. Tap the screen.

2. Select (PS).

Remote Play description[edit]

  • PS VITA/PSP: M4V (480x272)

Attribute on PS3 SFO : 1 (0x01) = flag n1

  • PS VITA/PSP: AVC (480x272)

Attribute on PS3 SFO : 5 (0x05) = flag n3

  • PS VITA: 480p (852x480) & PSP: (480x272):

Attribute on PS3 SFO : 133 (0x85) = flag n3 & 8

  • PS VITA only: 480p (852x480)

Attribute on PS3 SFO : 128 (0x80) = flag n8

Remote Play PS3- PS VITA compatibility[edit]

Some PS3 titles have been updated to be remote play:

Title Official SFO-edit
God of war Collection Yes -- Update 1.01 (PS3 SFO:FW 4.20), remote play for PS VITA only
ICO™ & Shadow of the Colossus™ -- --

For others titles, you need to patch them by yourself (some titles might have issues).

See ATTRIBUTE in Patches