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Libraries (Exports)[edit]

 with NID 0x0
SceUsbPspcm with NID 0xc06a361b

Functions (Exports)[edit]

nid 0x935cd196L => _935CD196
nid 0x79f8e492 => _79F8E492
nid 0x75b0d23 => SceUsbPspcm_075B0D23
nid 0x29e0d985 => SceUsbPspcm_29E0D985
nid 0x2a3a4a4a => SceUsbPspcm_2A3A4A4A
nid 0x495d3a91 => SceUsbPspcm_495D3A91
nid 0x7c1410fb => SceUsbPspcm_7C1410FB
nid 0x9f40f727L => SceUsbPspcm_9F40F727
nid 0xc09cd942L => SceUsbPspcm_C09CD942
nid 0xd70556daL => SceUsbPspcm_D70556DA
nid 0xea4b99dcL => SceUsbPspcm_EA4B99DC
nid 0xf7079111L => SceUsbPspcm_F7079111
nid 0xf9c17e1fL => SceUsbPspcm_F9C17E1F
nid 0xfd87b944L => SceUsbPspcm_FD87B944