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See also the great PS4 Wall of Shame.

PS Vita Wall of Shame[edit]

Welcome to the amazing Wall of Shame, here you will encounter top notch content (not really) of how other people turned into geniuses overnight (more like Bob the builder with all those bricks).

First Example[edit]

<Moolie> well I found what a brick looks like xdxd
<Lupo511> did it brick?
<Moolie> yep
<Lupo511> what happened?
<Moolie> I fucked up os0
<Lupo511> yeah, I mean what did actually happen
<Moolie> well I deleted some stuff in a folder
<Moolie> then now its stuck on ps sign
<Moolie> xyz: I deleted everything in os0:sm/

Second Example[edit]